Hi, I’m Scott Lawrence. A fully accredited hypnotherapist qualified in both hypnotherapy and counseling. With the Clinical backing of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association, I create the ideal environment for anyone interested in either their first experience in hypnosis or those who wish to explore their experience of hypnotherapy further.

I have always been passionate about psychology and believe in the potential locked away in people’s lives. By using expert Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapy, I’ve helped many people unlock the doors to change their lives for the better.

I’m looking forward to helping you unlock your potential too!

About Us


Diploma of Hypnotherapy
Certificate of counseling
Australian Hypnotherapy Association Clinical Membership
Studied at the Academy of Hypnotic Science. (the ONLY Victorian-based provider of fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapy training)
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Highly Skilled Counseling and Hypnotherapy  

Award Winning Qualifications



Medical Rebates are Available with:


·  Australian Unity·  CBHS Health Fund

·  Credicare Health Fund

·  Grand United Corporate

·  Health Care Insurance Limited

·  Health Partners

·  Medibank Private

·  Navy Health Fund

·  NRMA Health Insurances

·  Phoenix Welfare

·  Railway and Transport Health Fund Ltd

·  Reserve Bank Health Society

·  Teachers Federation Health

·  SGIC ·  SGIO Health Insurance (WA)

·  Westfund.




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