Quit Smoking CD script




Imagine your body becoming enveloped in relaxation. From the top of your head becoming heavier and heavier, the shoulders dropping and relaxing more and more. With every breath you sink further and further down into relaxation, from your chest to your stomach. Feeling so good and feeling so relaxed. That’s it, all the way down to your unconscious now down to your legs, becoming more and more relaxed. So calm so good. That’s it. All the way down to your feel, until the body is so relaxed, that you could easily rest and slip away into the calmness of your own day dream. That’s fine, allowing the body to do anything that it does naturally, notice that you’re not the one doing the breathing, the breathing is being done for you, as the relaxation is being done for you. You are feeling so relaxed that you could so easily allow those thoughts to continue on for you, listening to the suggestions of relaxation. That’s it. The whole body is just drifting away into calm, relaxing rest. that’s it, as those thoughts start to see images of water, just like the a stream of consciousness, you notice a stream of water.



A beach appears in the mind. As you notice the sand between your toes, the waves continue to splash softly onto the shore. The sun appears to be setting now, all the way down, so slowly, as if you are the one lowing and pushing that sun down. All the way down. As the sun begins to touch the water, it looks the same as when you put out a candle into water.  Drifting down so slowly, as the light from the setting sun on the horizon creates reflections in the water, setting and drifting all the way down. As those reflections appear to create steps just like a ladder all the way down to the horizon. As you relax all the way down, the sun starts to disappear altogether. As the last piece of light begins to disappear slowly, you relax all the way down. Knowing that soon, you will be able to lift the sun up from the other side of the sky again. On the beach, you notice that familiar cabin, as the door opens and invites you inside. You notice the familiar surroundings of your mind. As that coil has unwound and relaxed so much, that you are able to relax along with it. As you see the step beautiful steps that lead you all the way down to your unconscious now. From the tenth stair, so slowly, relaxing twice as deep with each stair, all the way down to the ninth stair. So slowly to the eighth stair, so slowly, so relaxed, more and more relaxed as you allow the mind to continue into your unconscious. To the seventh stair, all the way down. Taking all the time you need, to the sixth stair, all the way down to the fifth and the forth. Feeling so calm now and so peaceful, you can easily let go now more and more, as those old energies leave to make room for new and future strategies and energies. All the way down to the third, drifting and dreaming all the way down to the second and floating down to the first and all the way down drifting into the room.




Feeling great.  (Re-listen to end of first CD)

Wake up

Post hypnotic suggestion


Sometime’s you just have to take a break. Let it go, if you work all day and all night, you will not achieve anything. Let it go, write a time in the future where you will pick up your routine again and make plans. The sub-conscious thrives on the rhythm of life. The up and the down, the in and the out.


Take responsibility for your emotions

Take responsibility for your habits

See through the illusions

Feel into the truth

Hear the quiet of the centre of mind.







Stop – Mind body – observe

You can’t work all the time. Sometime’s you just need to admit that it’s time for a break. Have some fun with your friends. And Anchor this feeling of fun and friendship. Without the need for poisons. Sometime’s the fastest way to solve a problem is to just stop. STOP, there you go. Let go and let everything else wait.

Fire Place – 3 Draws – Control Room

VAK – Positive – Reduction

Looking down at the three draws, we open the top draw that contains all of the pictures in your mind. All that you have seen, or can imagine. Open the top draw and empty the contents onto the table. The table expands to receive all that you place on top of it. Noticing the open window that can take away any of the old images and energies that you no are willing to let go of. The tightly locked safe that only you can access and you can access at any time. The Display cabinets that can be used to show anything that you want to communicate to the world are all there for your subconscious mind to sort out the pictures on the table for you. As your unconscious mind slowly empties the table, you allow yourself to relax even deeper as the first draw is emptied. You clean and sweep out the top draw, close it and allow the second draw containing all of the sounds to open. This draw contains all of the sounds that you have heard, and can imagine. As the table is emptied now and swept clean, we allow your unconscious mind to empty the draw onto the table.


Prison – Bars of Control Security Approval – Let Go

As you find yourself walking through the sand and you notice yourself fenced in from all directions in what seems to be a prison. As you move towards the front gate to leave you notice three bars keeping you inside. These three bars are the want for control, the want for security and the want for approval. The more you hold on to these wants, the harder it is to get outside. As the prison really starts to smell now with smoking and burning, you give your self permission to let go of the want for approval from other people, you find yourself letting go of the want for security and you find yourself letting go of the want for control. As you really give your unconscious mind permission to let go, the bars disappear and let you free. You walk away from the building and out into the beautiful nature of the beach. Walking gently on the sand and noticing the soft sensation of the waves drifting up onto the shore besides you. As you move forward, you notice up ahead your familiar cabin to your control room. Before you can get to your control room, you notice the foot prints behind you from the past. As you give your self permission to let go of those footprints, the waves from the beach rise up gently and clear and smooth away any footprints. Smoothing and clearing away your past, allowing you to begin a new pattern, creating new footprints towards your control room.



PREM – Feeling Good – Every day

You have all the resources that you need. You always have the perfect amount of energy, as we allow your energy to be channeled away from old negative or wasteful strategies and fall neatly, as your unconscious mind re-channels more and more that passion and desire energy into your resources. Every day in every way is getting better and better

As you continue to drift gently into the future one moment at a time, you have more experience to draw from now than you ever have had before. Feeling great, feeling refreshed. Giving permission to your unconscious mind to take care of your health naturally, as it has always known how to do, feeling, and becoming healthier every day. Allowing your unconscious mind to experience a strong sense of love, fun, freedom, empowerment and health, as you deserve for all of your desires and fantasy’s to manifest through your imagination and into your world. As you are becoming more and more responsible for the power of your imagination every day, every day in every way is getting better and getter.



Colours – Lüscher – Guided Imagery

As your imagination plays with pictures and colours, you may notice the water fall as you enjoy the colours and sounds of nature. The familiar blue of the sky, warm of the sun that reflects rainbow colours from each drop of water. The green of nature as the trees more with the wind that can be felt on the skin. As the green of the trees lend you energy and motivation toward your personal goals. The blue of the sky relaxes you, and the yellow of the sun shines inspiration and belief in the future over all of nature and your body. The reflection of sunlight, shines a red glow, lending you health and vitality. And the Brown of the path, the rocks and the brown of the earth, lends you stability and centers you in your inner truth. Walking away for a moment, down the familiar path, relaxing all the way down the hill. All the way down into relaxation, towards the cabin at the bottom of the hill. As the door opens, it shines a soft light of personal energy from your control room, inviting you inside to your personal relaxation and recharge zone of mind.  Walking inside the room.


Take a Break – Breathing – Postponement

Now as you say yes to taking a regular break from the day, as many times each day you do need to pause, and really pause for a moment. Noticing the here and now of situations around you. Really Pause, that’s it, take that nourishing feeling. Some part of the mind says, ‘but I just don’t have any time’. We’re allowing the mind to expand time within this pause for you. Feeling so good, relaxing into this pause.


Responsibility – Choice – Thoughts VAK

Give your mind permission to take back control of the quality of your thoughts. Noticing the parts that make up your thoughts and your imagination, you give permission to yourself now to let go of negative thought patterns in the imagination. As your stream of consciousness flows in and out like the water of the water fall. Each old thought leaving, making room for the next thought pattern. Saying goodbye to old negative thought patterns and making room for the future. As each thought enters the mind, they are broken down by your un-conscious mind into their smaller components. Noticing the Self talk component of sound, new positive meanings that are being placed on all that you see and feel, as you feel and as you see, your mind finds new ways to re-frame the unknown into useful resourcefulness.  The mind more and more cleans out the voices of tensions and replaces it with resourcefulness.



V – Every face, every person in your life that makes you feel tense, as allow the mind to put a frame around their face and shrink down the frame to the size of a postage stamp. Allowing all of the color to be drained out of the image and feeling better and better. Watching the grey of the image, giving you the feeling of breakthrough freedom from the old images, as they fall away into the distance, into the past, that’s good.


K – With every breath, the head feels better and better, travelling down to heal the chest and lungs. Every breath if feeling more and more revitalized. Allowing the arms to relax into this state of healing and rest, with each breath, the arms feel better and better. Down the back and middle, as each breath in causes the stomach to rise gently and organically, down all the way down to the legs. As the feet and toes heal and revitalize with each breath. As the blood stream cleans itself out slowly, it feels good to allow the body to detoxify itself, healing more and more with every breath, so slowly that you can’t notice how slowly the body is healing itself.



Notice your life getting better and better. Notice your self becoming freer and freer. Transferring that addiction towards greater energy levels. Feeling the power within your body, as you sit there, the part of you that knows, really knows how to want contains all of the energy that you need. Really feel it. That’s it, just like that.


Wake Up

And as you open your eyes on five, you can really say to yourself that you are a non smoker. 1 energy and vitality returning to your legs and to your arms, 2, 3 coming closer and closer to the surface, 4, heart rate and vitality returning to what is healthy and appropriate for you. Eyes starting to open. Feeling relaxed, just letting it all go. And on five when you feel relaxed and in control, you can open your eyes, 5.

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