The FSA Model


Welcome to the FSA model, the guaranteed way for you to attract positive results through positive actions. When you achieve any type of goal in life, you need so many factors to be working for you at any given time. But how do you even know what those factors are? It could be anything from the state of mind you’re in to the quality and holistic or partial nature of your plans.


Most people are out of balance with the FSA, lacking in one or two areas and compensating with another. This is how to create a balance in the FSA.


· Start with getting your fantasy right. If it’s not right then you’re working towards the wrong goal.

· Structure your goal. Fill a book if you have to. Write out at least 100 goals, then schedule them.

· The final stage is action. Action is the ability to have faith in your structure. So let action feel good.




Fantasy – “You deserve it”


Congratulations for being brave enough to dream and for taking action towards those dreams. During this stage, I want you to really consider your own beliefs, the ones that may have held you back in the past. If anyone ever told you that you can’t have something or can’t do something, well, guess what? That’s their beliefs, not yours!

You deserve to have all of your needs met and for all of your dreams to come true.

Make a list of 30 things that you want in life. Make your list colourful, ad emotional and add descriptive words. These are your dreams manifesting into goals so be creative and honest with yourself.  Most importantly, be sure to include the following five basic human needs. They are a must.


Love and connection  - We all need people. We all deserve people. Imagine how you would like your relationships to be ideally.


Empowerment  - You have the recourses to make anything happen. The secret is taking responsibility for how it turns out.


Freedom   -   This is your life. It is a basic human need to be free physically, mentally and emotionally.


Fun -  Allow yourself some time to just do those things that come naturally to you.


Survival  -  This includes health, sleep, diet, exercise, mental health etc…





Structure – “Everything is important”


This is the time to be holistic about things. Include everything. Write down every thing that appeared in your fantasy stage and decide how much of the pie each part is worth. Never let one piece of the pie take over another. By this I mean, if you schedule two hours with a loved one because you only have two hours before you need to leave to go to a medical appointment, don’t let the need for love over take the need for survival. Every part of your life is important. Start to schedule out your fantasy plan specifically in real life terms. Include; Time, Money, Sleep, Social interaction and Health. And remember that everything is important and deserves to be a part of your plan.






Action   -    “The things you want also want you”


Relax, take a breath, you’ve already done so much good for yourself. You deserve to feel really good and calm right now. At this stage you do not need to be stressing about the quality of your decisions or worrying about whether or not your plans are going to come together in the end. It’s best for you to act like it’s not even any of your business how well your plans are working for you. The important thing is to stick to them.

By sticking to your structure and breaking down the jobs into small manageable chunks, you can move mountains. The important thing for you is to keep taking one step after another. There’s a reason why you are where you are right now. The things that you want also want you just as much as you want them.



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