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Today weíre going to be looking at the one effective secret of giving up smoking that people tend to neglect. Why is it that people find it so hard to quit smoking? More and more people are quitting every day? So why canít you?

Itís simple, there are 6 reasons why a person smokes and more people only look at one of them, at best two.

Weíre looking at all 6 parts of the pie.

Itís the want for stimulation, the physical addiction, the Handling, method of relaxation and enjoyment, the strategy for escaping tension and the pure habit element of smoking.



Smoking is something that people settle for, its small consolation for losing an even bigger battle. Perhaps your boss is unfair. Maybe your partner is unreasonable. Maybe the whole worldís against you and you just needed a way out of this whole thing just to collect your thoughts.


Physical Addiction

In the case of Physical Addiction, you would have found that after each one, every time you smoke, you need another one, because smoking doesnít solve that craving. Iíll say it again, just so you know that smoking doesnít fulfil the craving for smoking because it wasnít really what you were craving. Some people might say, isnít nicotine withdrawal what physical addiction is in this case and I say no. Physical addiction is a message in the mind creating a physical pain that tells you that something unexpected is happening in the body. Listen to this CD every day and the pain reduction that Iíve included will reduce and remove those Physical pains that you would have otherwise experienced during your withdrawal period.



Some people use the handling part of smoking to keep their hands busy while their mind is racing around doing laps of the day. While that cigarette is in your hands, itís like this familiarity or even an old friend whoís always there for you. Well let me introduce you to tapping. Maybe youíve heard psychologists talk about it. If youíre the type who just needs something to do with your hands, try tapping. Try it, really. Every morning when you wake up, youíll use two fingers from your right hand to tap your outside palm. Youíll count each tap up to ten and then swap using two fingers on your left hand to tap the outside palm of your right hand. You can even do this throughout the day as many times as you want. Whoís stopping you?



A habit is just a pattern. Itís fed by energy and energy has to go somewhere. Listening to this CD will re-pattern those habits into more constructive more useful ways of allocating your energy. Imagine a situation where normally you would have chosen to have a cigarette. This is what we call the trigger. Maybe it was in a group of people, maybe you were alone. At work or at home, day time, night time, anywhere that you know was a situation where youíd catch yourself out choosing to have a cigarette. In this situation, imagine the point where that decision gets made maybe itís the reaching for the packet on the table or in your pocket. Imagine now that instead of reaching for a cigarette, you breath in a fresh breath of air, really taste that air, if other smokers are blowing their smoke near you, take a step back just enough to taste the difference. Imagine yourself then at the end of four minutes after the time it would have normally taken to smoke a cigarette and congratulations, youíre a non-smoker.



Listening to this CD daily will help you to stop. Just stop, the next time thereís stress or tension is your life. And the next time somebody upsets you or cuts you off in traffic, just consider this one fact. Itís an illusion. Thatís all, just an illusion. Nobody has the power to upset you until you give them permission to take away your power. For example, imagine that some kid has just thrown a rock in your direction. How are you going to feel? Upset and annoyed right? Would you? Sure, until we find out why it upset you so much. The rock didnít hit you. It just bruised your ego. Then that same kid cries out to you for help and says, ďSorry for throwing that rock at you, but I had no other way to get your attention. You see, my mum has just fallen over unconscious onto the train tracks. Can you help me please?Ē Now how does your ego feel about that rock?



Everybody wants to relax and everybody needs a way to unwind. So right now I want you to do with me a relaxation exercise that youíll be able to draw on throughout the day. It will help you sleep and it will help you to maintain a calm and balanced temperament to allow your conscious experiences throughout the day to feel comfortable, to feel approachable and the perspective of the big picture to be available to you in a effortless and resourceful manor. In a moment, I would like you to take in a deep breath, hold the breath in, two three, and then breath out any tensions on the out breath, two three. Do that now with me, take in a deep breath, two three, hold it noticing any tensions flowing out as you breath out, two three. Breathing in, two three, and feeling more and more relaxed as you breath out two three.

You can either allow the eyes to close over now, or if you chose to keep them open until they begin to feel heavier and heavier and too tired to keep open. Either is perfectly fine. The choice is yours, which ever is more comfortable for you.




As my voice guides you through a gentle muscle relaxation, I want you to allow your mind to focus on my voice. Each muscle that occupies your focus causes you to relax further and further. I will in a moment be counting from five down to one at which point you will be feeling so relaxed and so calm that you will be able to enjoy the images, sounds and sensations suggested without any conscious effort at all. Ok


Imagine a point on the top of the head like a window in the mind, and from this window flows a gentle wave of relaxing energy washing downwards all the way down to the bottom of the toes.

[Five], as the calming wave flows into the window of the mind, it flows through the muscles around the top of the scalp travelling down to the forehead.

From the forehead, falling down around the eyes, the eyes begin to drift. More and more relaxed. It feels so soothing, this calm gentle wave of relaxing energy. Enjoy this feeling for a while as the eyes become heavier and heavier. [PAUSE]†

[Four], so heavy, so heavy, give yourself permission to just let go as the wave causes you to become more and more relaxed.† Allow those heavy eyes to close and to gently roll backwards into their natural comfortable position of rest. You may even notice that the eyes donít want to open as you feel the calmness drifting down to the cheeks and down the jaw. So peaceful, so peaceful, as this wave of beautiful relaxation and tranquillity drifts down lower, you may find the head drifting slowly backwards comfortably.

This relaxation drifting downwards into the shoulders, flowing to the upper arms. Just allow it to happen as it flows to the forearms and the tips of the fingers relax.

[Three] Allow your awareness to move down to the chest and to the back now as they gently fall away into peaceful relaxation. Down to the stomach and the lower back, noticing now as each muscle group becomes more and more calm.

This wave of gentle flowing relaxation moving down through the stomach and the lower back

[Two], itís moving downward to the pelvis area, down to the thighs, the calves flowing deeper and deeper through you. More and more calm, more and more relaxed. Itís as though you couldnít move if you wanted to.

The feet down to the tips of the toes gently drifting away as the gentle wave of relaxation falls down.

[One], feel the relaxation suspended throughout your whole being as the wave moves down as a mental flow of calmness like the stream of a natural flowing lake, deeper and deeper.


Zero, as you go twice as deep now, Iíd like you to think of a lake now in your mind with a flowing nearby waterfall. There are trees and rocks around the lake and the waterfall. Notice the light gently reflecting off the lake, sparkling and dancing in the air. Splashing lightly causing freshness in the air. Put your self near the lake now, barefoot on the gentle grass airing a gentle breeze that refreshes you in a positive way. Hear the waterfall softly pouring down causing a greater mental state of calmness and natural enjoyment. Iíd like you to stop here for a moment and just feel the warm sun pouring soft and safe gentle rays of warmth down on you warming your face and body. Notice any other sounds that may be around you. Birds, singing beautiful melodies quietly in the distance. The wind as it calmly brushes past trees and rocks near the waterfall.


There is a path leading from the lake down to a cabin close by. As you walk down this path, you see a wooden door on the cabin. Open the door and look inside at a beautiful staircase containing ten steps leading down to a room. This room is the control room of your mind. A beautiful and calm room. This room is yours. No one can enter this room except for you. It is a safe room where you can be free to be yourself effortlessly and recharge your energy. This is the room where you can make changes to your life in harmony between your conscious and subconscious mind. Between the door and the staircase is a short platform where you can see into the room bellow. You feel a force pulling you through the doorway, step now through the door on the platform at the top of the stairs safely and securely. In a moment when I count from ten down to one, I would like you to walk slowly and safely down these perfectly even and steps one at a time, and as each step goes deeper, you go twice as deep. Step now safely onto the tenth step, deeper and deeper onto the ninth step. Stepping effortlessly further and further down onto the eighth step. Onto the seventh step, deeper and deeper, going now twice as deep with each step, perfectly safe. Down relaxing further, put yourself onto the sixth step, further and further down onto the fifth step. So safe, so calm, down now to the fourth step. Almost at the bottom where you are starting to notice the colours of the room more and more. Down to the third step, and down to the second step. Almost at the bottom. Place your foot now safely onto the first step, then the floor of the room and take a few steps towards the centre of the room. Take a look around at the shape of your control room. Enjoy the learning experience and the safety of your control room. Notice in the centre of the room a tightly wound metal spring. The spring is now starting to unwind, and as it unwinds, you unwind. Just allow the spring to slacken and to release itself more and more. Just allow the spring to unwind naturally now and notice a mirror on the back wall of your control room. You feel a force drawing you into this mirror. Move towards this mirror now and just simply allow your self to gaze into this mirror for a while.




Guided Imagery Ė Open window technique.


In a room, there is a chair where you sit. Next to this chair is a table. On this table, there is a packet of cigarettes. You can feel the breeze from the window next to you. Outside of this window is a raging river. Anything thing that goes out that window, would be lost forever. Itís such a peaceful experience watching this water rush past this window. Weíre not going to throw this packet out the window yet. Noticing the control panel on the wall that controls and indicates levels of anxiety, before we allow the sub-conscious to turn the control down to a calm lever, we allow the other control that provides energy to the first control to be turned up so high as to allow the calmness to easily and comfortably.

Allowing now that the first control has gained power and now as it moves down releasing that anxiety rechanneling that old stagnant energy into a flow of calm, comfortable ease. Itís so easy now to imagine picking up one of those cigarettes from the box, throwing it out the window and watching it get carried away. Throw another out the winder, notice how good it feels to be free. Taking the steps sub-consciously towards a heathier mind body and that sense of absolute fulfullment in life.

Even noticing how calming you allow the whole packet to be thrown out of the window. Enjoying the sounds of the water rushing past so peacefully. Feeling so good, feeling so relaxed.



Now that we have released that energy, you may even find that other parts of your life that were previously lacking energy are more and more trickling in with stimulation. Your true desires are being energised more and more, as the first resistance you receive from life, you have all the energy that you need to allow that flow of energy to carry you through obsticles.† On the wall thereís a mirror, and in a moment as you allow your self to gaze into the mirror, you see your future self in a familiar situation. Now as you notice that self rising out of a deep sleep, feeling so full flowing energy, riding the waves of internal motivations, all of that energy that was previously blocked and tied up with bad habits canít help but find another outlet to flow through. The next time you might find yourself in a familiar situation where energy was an issue, this is where the energy has been rechanneled to. You easily and effectively flow through obstacles as the obstacles themselves become more and more fluid until they start to give more and more energy to you as well.



We all deserve relaxation in our lives, as every 90 minutes; the body enters its natural cycle in its own night time autonomic system. You will find yourself in the future benefited by following your bodyís natural patterns of movement and relaxation. As you relax and let go, deeper and deeper, the mind is becoming clearer and more energised.


Physical Addiction

With every out breath, the craving for cigarettes reduces so slowly, that you canít even notice how slowly itís happening. As the part of the body that used to be able to tell you that the nicotine is running low in the blood stream. The breathing allows that feeling to half so slowly, that you canít even notice how slowly, as your entire body is feeling better and better. As it halves again, so slowly. Feeling so calm. So relaxed. Giving permission as the nicotine reduces, the craving reduces. So calm, as the part of the body that used to feel cravings now canít find the craving if it tried. Feeling so calm and so relaxed.



As the next time you find yourself in a situation that used to cause stress. We allow ourselves to stop, just stop and let the mind learn. That nothing can affect you. You are in control. Itís only unhappy people who try to take control over you. And the more they try, the less you buy into their games. It feels good to know that only you can choose how you feel.



And as the hands reach out for that familiar feeling, something new is happening. The hands arenít doing anything old; they want to create something new. Creating new empowering habits that will build motivation and create your life the way that you want it to be.



As you see yourself a place where you used to smoke, and you ask yourself, where has the energy gone that I used for my old cravings. As theyíve been re-directed now into motivating habits that benefit your dream goals. As you find yourself in a familiar place and you ask yourself, how long have I been a non-smoker for? And it feels so good to ask yourself, when you wake up, do you start with an in breath or an out breath? And now itís always the in breath of clean, healthy relaxed motivated energy. Feeling so good, and so calm. Feeling fine.



Wake up

In a moment when I count from one up to five, you will on the count of five open your eyes and be wide awake feeling as though you have just had a peaceful rest

Remember that any time that you find your self needing to experience this state of relaxation, calmness and control again, you can do so readily and easily by simply pausing, taking in a deep breath, holding it then exhaling slowly. You can return to your control room at any time easily, youíre only leaving this room for the moment.

While in a moment, when you wake up, you will fell that anything that is possible in life is possible to you. Knowing that any thing you need is easily and enjoyably available to you. Tonight when you are ready to sleep, as you feel the comfortable bed underneath you, you will sleep restfully and easily, dreaming of pleasant dreams.


In the mornings, when you wake up at the time that is the right time for you, you will feel great about the day to come, and finish the day feeling satisfied that your day was great.

Anything you desire is within your ability to achieve, using the great power of the mind to create your own life in the way that makes you feel great.


Your body will feel energy levels that are appropriate to you to do the things that you enjoy. Every day, each day, your life is getting better.


One, the feeling returning to your feet and hands. Breathing returning to normal.

Two, feeling fine, feeling fine, as the vital energy is returning to your legs and arms.

Three, the feeling coming up through your body, coming closer and closer to the surface.

Four, your eyes starting to open. Your heart rate and vitality returning to that which is healthy and normal for you

Five, open your eyes, wide awake, eyes completely open, feeling fine, feeling fine, feeling refreshed, take a deep breath. Now moving around in your own time.

Well done, congratulations for taking time for your self. Notice how different you feel now to just 20 minutes ago. Remember to listen to this CD regularly enough that you maintain this feeling of relaxation and confidence to achieve the things that you want in your life. You can always come back to this feeling of relaxation any time you need by simply breathing in a relaxed way. Well done, and remember that life is here for you now to be enjoyed. Until next time, this has been the Lawrence Hypnotherapy Relaxation Program.



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