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Youíre halfway there




How many kiloís is your goal?


Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss.



Our 6 Session Program is designed to help you with weight loss every step of the way.



 Week 1 - The 4 rules of weight loss. Begin your weight loss journey. Your first experience of weight loss hypnotherapy


 Week 2 - Emotional eating and habit eating triggers. Your deep dive hypnotherapy for weight loss.

 Week 3 - Exercise and nutrition. Understanding the body. Hypnotherapy for health


 Week 4 - Neural Linguistic Programming. Change your habits and the language of the brain.


 Week 5 - Instant gratification vs. delayed gratification training. Hypnotherapy for emotional resilience


 Week 6 - Final week. Lock-in hypnotherapy for continued success in weight loss.



Plus a Two Disc Hypnotherapy CD set

Disc one - The Rules of Weight Loss.

Disc two - Your healthy journey


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Is your weight affecting your life?

Is your emotional eating getting out of control?

Do you lack the motivation to exercise?



Iím worried about my health,

How long does it take to book in?

Most people donít have to wait any longer than two weeks to make an appointment with us. However, with continued success, you may need to call sooner rather than later.



Iím ready letís do it!


The Healthy Living Package includes 6 sessions of professional hypnotherapy and counseling with an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist for as little as $150 per session. Medical rebates may be available with participating health care providers.



Call 0402 029 000



$120 discount for upfront payment


 6 sessions of hypnotherapy

 2 disc CD set



$150 per session.

We offer a discount of $120 for total payment of the program on the first day.


This brings your total program cost from $900 down to $780

Inc GST.