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How do you quit smoking?

You have a motivation bank. It drives you forwards and sometimes, when it’s low, it stops you dead in your tracks. Most people don’t know how to use their energy bank. They get uncontrollable feelings to act on something either harmful or counter-productive and then feel that they lack the energy to get done the stuff they really need to complete

When you get an uncontrollable urge, don’t waist that feeling, use it! Your mind and your body give you energy. The interesting thing is that the brain doesn’t much care where you spend that energy. You could have an uncontrollable urge for junk food, cigarettes, drugs or perhaps things that are less harmful, such as watching TV, checking out the latest from Face Book or from the news etc…

That feeling is a feeling that drives you forwards. You can’t stop the energy behind that feeling, however you can redirect it. Even the highest of energy levels such as rage and anger can be rechanneled into productive activities. Rage is the perfect time to do a high energy job. If at most times you don’t have the energy to do a swat analysis on your life (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) or lack the energy to write a 100 item long to do list, you have all of the energy that you need during anger or rage to complete those tasks. Don’t waist that energy on brooding or on don’t something potentially harmful. The mind and body have given you that uncomfortable excess of energy for a reason. It’s all part of your energy budget. If you waist that energy, you will not get it back later. You really should be spending and investing that energy on an activity that will benefit you later on. You can do some cleaning, do the lists, exercise, finish a project etc… if you run out of energy to do the task, and you will have calmed down from the anger. It’s a win – win scenario.

The same applies to low energy levels. People try so hard to relax, to let go and to be calm, but they waist their energy lows by trying to do too much. Laziness has relaxation built straight into it. It’s a calm that comes to you freely and without effort. Procrastination is a feeling that allows you to lay comfortably or sit comfortably in a position quite relaxed for hours. Sometimes you have times of the day when you have to get up and work and other times when you have to go to sleep. If you go with the body and the minds natural rhythms of energy high, energy low and energy neutral, you can program your body to give you the appropriate amounts of energy at the right times of day. You already have an up and down rhythm, you can allow in the mornings when the alarm goes off, any up feelings you have to be spent on finishing tasks, then you can experience an energy neutral after work, followed by an energy low as you go to bed. Don’t waste your energy, use it!



Understanding Addiction


Addiction refers to a state of mind where a person cannot choose their own behavior. It is our belief that smoking, gambling, drugs, unhealthy life styles become out of control for most of the population. If you were to choose how your life is, you would chose the healthiest, happiest, most loved, most wealthy option available. Smoking cigarettes is the number one cause of preventable death in Australia, and over 75% of smokers want to quit smoking, however have not been able to do so. This, in our opinion is not having control of personal behavior. It is our mission to make Australia 2012 the country and the year where personal behavior becomes under the control of individuals, not chemicals, habits or harmful disempowerment. The first step towards a happy, healthy Australia 2012 is understanding addiction and how addiction affects behavior.


Imagine yourself free, truly free. No concerns, everything is going according to your plan. If some unforeseen event occurs in your life, you do not react with to pressure with stress, anxiety or fear in any way, instead you respond with a well practiced contingency plan, critical problem solving skills and very soon you and your life return to normal. This is what it is like to live within control and not within addiction.


Addiction is the mind’s want for control clinging on to the quickest and nearest form of instant gratification to solve the pain pleasure, fight or flight response. Through training, you can retrain yourself to be surrounded with gratification, slowly. You can retrain yourself to never seek gratification instantly, to accept your situation and responsibility within your situation and to act in the most successful and appropriate manner. Most people reading this would think, “Isn’t that what we all want?” Yes, that is what we all want. So why isn’t Australia doing it yet? 


It’s actually quite simple. Most people respond to a type of ‘follow the crowd’ mentality. If 15% of the country starts something new, eventually the other 85% will gain an interest in following the new trend. Only about 15% of the country will be dedicated followers of well disciplined psychological understanding and the rest of the people will be content to life within social normals. So that’s all it takes, a dedicated minority of Australia 2012 to start something new and the whole country can benefit from it.


So why hasn’t that dedicated 15% of Australia gotten their act together and made addiction history for rest of Australia yet?


It’s simple, it’s all so simple. Because no one has shown them how to, when a person believes that something is not possible, they will not be able to even imagine an alternative. We are demonstrating to people that curing addiction is completely possible and well worth your valuable time. It is absolutely worth your time spent in mental contemplation, thinking about how addiction could be a thing of the past. Another reason why that 15% of Australians have not banded together to overcome addiction is because the full implications of how addiction really affects lives have not yet been realized on its entire scale.


How Addiction Affects Lives


Addictions are closely related, if not responsible, for most of, if not all of, the preventable problems that we experience today. If you think about the way life style, entertainment, relationships, money, boredom, employment, sleep, emotions, eating habits, drinking habits, goal setting, education, friendships, marketing, politics, environment, technology, sales, communication, health, coupling etc… have all been closely focused on instant gratification, it is no wonder that our lives lack the space, time and attention necessary to create meaningful improvements.


The absolute ultimate technique for solving any problem is to stop first. Has anyone done the DR ABCD in first aide? When first aid is taught, the first and most vital role is to not rush in. Imagine two people lying still as casualties next to a wind mill. The first aiders run as fast as they can towards the people in need only to find themselves instantly electrocuted. What should they have done instead?

You should never throw yourself blindly into danger to help somebody else. Sure it may sound heroic, it makes great movies and TV shows.


The DR ABCD stands for Danger, Response, Airways, Breathing, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and defibrillation. The first word, Danger, is a very important word. The first aiders see the two casualties near the wind mill. They go through their DR ABC and start to look for dangers. It’s human instinct to want to help somebody, however the quickest way to get into trouble in an emergency situation is to ignore surrounding dangers. They walk towards their casualties. They notice a small zap and a smell in the air. They see the water on the ground around their casualties. They can see that the two bodies have been electrocuted and now understand how to proceed appropriately.


So how does this story relate to Addiction? Everybody has stressful situations where instantly something in life seems to have instantly changed everything else in your life. Maybe in gambling, stock market decisions, marketing decisions etc… a person can react to a change in financial situation instead of calmly understanding it. You can actually apply something similar to DR ABCD to your money. First step is to look out for dangers. If you throw good money after bad, have you completely and thoroughly assessed your situation? I know that money doesn’t have airways, breathing etc… however it does have steps of its own. Money has formulas in sales, financial advice etc.


Addiction to instant gratification can destroy a salesman. If the person pushes too hard for a sale, they can destroy the ambiance and relaxed environment that the sale was made in. When a person wants to win an argument, they may have become so attached to their point of view, that they lose perception of the greater picture.


For example, two people are arguing over money. They each get louder and each defend their own point of view until they are so attached to their point of view that they ‘go to war’ over it.


Going to war is no longer a solution focus. It is a ‘who is right’ focus.


The Human Mind

The human mind exists as a rhythm. It goes up, it goes down. We breath in, we breath out. We wake up, we go to sleep. We have high energy levels, we have low energy levels. We have productive times, we have unproductive times. We have excitement, we have peace. We have a logical process, we have abstract creativity. We have the past, we have the future. Without this rhythm, neither side could exist.

In Australia 2012, we need your help to make Australia the country and 2012 the time that the mind and it’s interaction with our lives to be full realized and fully experienced.

This rhythm affects our flow of energy. Most people don’t work with their flow of energy as much as against it. In a depression patient, we have a person who has low energy levels, cannot focus on the future, is bed ridden and cannot perform their usual life functions and tasks, their memory seems to be failing them, they are sad and have a bleak outlook on life and is nearly one hundred percent past focused. They will tell you story after story about their traumatic child hood in a confused and helpless manor. On the other end of the scale, we have a person over burdened with responsibilities, stresses about each and every change outside of their control. They are nearly one hundred percent future focused. They feel physical pains, experience high blood pressure and are prone to a bad temper, snapping and cannot seem to let go.

What have been described here are two extremes of the same scale. Anxiety is what happens to a person if they lose sight of the past and the present and disappear into their internal representations of the five senses to create a world in the future of how things should be. Every time their external five senses report back to them that the map does not match the territory, it creates an internal battle of friction in the mind. A person in this state is more than likely to make matters worse than they are to by luck, scream themselves into a solution. They are likely to upset people around them, losing the support of their network, and to make rash, foolhardy choices that they will regret later. They are also more likely to experience poor health due to prolonged adrenaline levels.

Depression is what happens when a person loses sight of the future and present, believes that no acceptable future can or will be established. They have created a map of how the past should have been for them, a map that can never be lived up to, as the past is unchangeable. They internalize their five senses to the internal representations of the five senses. Each time they see something with their external five senses that doesn’t match or represent their ideal past, they feel even lower energy levels and are more likely to withdraw even further from any form of constructive solution.


The Human Potential

Many people in life feel that they don’t have any choice in how their live develops. The human imagination is vitally important to constructing consciously and unconsciously the direction that your life follows. We would go so far as to say that human imagination dictates human destiny.

Nobody really knows what the human potential is, but we do have some strong leads to follow on how to get there. As in the previous examples of extremes in anxiety and depression that fail to follow the rhythms of life, imagine those examples again with more focus on the here and now. Here is your situation, take in a deep breath then let it out slowly, now what are you going to do about it?

The potential of people who live in there here and now is yet unimagined. The more details you notice around you, the more textures, shapes, colors, sounds, tones, volumes, kinesthetics, temperatures, pressures, feelings, tastes, odors, concepts, formulas, spacial distances, contexts, situations, patterns that you can observe with your five senses in a calm accepting way, the more situational awareness you will gain.

People like to measure their potential in terms of relationships, money, friends, material goods, health etc… and sure we can help you will all of those things. What we would like for you to agree to right now is that you may find all of those things important, we ask that you agree to do your best each day to not be addicted to improving those things as a means of instant gratification.

It’s like planting a seed, if you dig that seed up every hour to see how far it has grown, you will kill the plant, so please, relax and work with our formula’s and we think that you will be pleasantly surprised about how much your life will improve.

There are some simple formulas for changing habits for health, money and relationships that we would love to share with you, if for nothing else, to see a better Australia 2012. The nature of success in all of these areas involves less focus on daily results as focus on daily ritual and activity.

Please read on to the following examples of formulas for wealth, health and relationships that can and will change your life depending on how dedicated you are to changing your mind set from instant gratification to a calm, goal setting massive action taker.

Each one of these examples takes dedication and practice. If you only write with your right hand, you cannot expect to be an expert at writing with your left hand over night. Each one of these techniques deserves your full dedication. In making your dedication to Australia 2012, you will find these techniques work synergistically with each other, as each one compounds and builds upon the next one.

So with no further suspense, we hope that you will follow and share this information, if you are a smoker who wants to quit, take the twenty one day challenge, as so many more people have before you. Have fun and best of luck with creating a new life and a new Australia 2012